Art Brand Studios publishes and promotes fine art, that’s all.  We only represent fine artists and our industry specific knowledge and experience makes all the difference.  Our goal is to grow the artist’s brand with quality and integrity all the while keeping one thing in mind – let our artists be artists!  ABS will handle the rest.


At our core, Art Brand Studios publishes the highest quality Limited and Open Edition Fine Art.  We’ve developed methods and connections over the last 30 years of publishing perhaps the most collected artist in history.   However, publishing is just the tip of the iceberg.  Well beyond our extraordinary reproduction capabilities, the ABS family of artists receive advantages that simply aren’t available anywhere else.


Imagine your artwork associated with some of the biggest names in home décor, fashion, jewelry, publishing, and gifts. Our artists enjoy the benefits of relationships that have been forged for over three decades with the world’s premier manufacturers and distributors. Art Brand Studios possesses the knowledge, experience and partnerships you need to get the best placement for products featuring your art.


Harness the power of Art Brand Studios’ Marketing to introduce your vision to the world. We use cutting-edge technology, trusted market intelligence, and proven techniques to ensure that our artists are top-of-mind with their target audiences. From web to print to event management and targeted multimedia campaigns, our Marketing team provides comprehensive support to keep fans engaged with their favorite artists.


Art Brand Studios offers an unparalleled global distribution network for artists. Not only do we provide prime placement in leading art galleries – we also offer the best online exposure available in the art world, and our partnerships allow us to leverage a vast network of fine retailers and direct to consumer opportunities in the United States and around the world. Our expansive distribution channels ensure that our artists are easily accessible to art lovers everywhere.


No one sells art like we do! ABS artists enjoy placement in the world’s premier art galleries. Buying art is personal, and connecting to the artist’s vision is the key to falling in love with any piece. Our consultants are experts in creating this intimate experience. As part of the Art Brand Studios family, your work is professionally represented in both corporately-owned and independently-owned fine art galleries in key cities and travel destinations in the United States and around the world.


Having a strong web presence is crucial to any artist’s success, and we are not shy about saying we have mastered this. Powered by the best technology, the industry’s leading graphic designers, and a proprietary blend of web-magic, Art Brand Studios has cornered the market in online art sales. Your portfolio will receive the international exposure you need to be successful with our unmatched online network.


The world is connected 24-7, and engaging mobile audiences is one of the things we do best. We’ve partnered with one of the leading app developers to offer our artists’ fans an engaging mobile experience. Our platform allows artists and their collectors to connect anytime, providing exclusive content, exciting gamification, event tie-ins, special promotions, e-commerce, and of course an alluring spotlight on the art.


Social media is by far one of the leading ways that people get information and stay connected with the brands they love. We know what works and what our artists’ audiences want. Art Brand Studios is a social media trendsetter – we are experts in building trusted communities that allow fans to interact with their favorite artists, making them lifelong collectors.

Events & Exhibitions

Nothing is as effective in selling art as creating a unique personal experience for your collectors. Art Brand Studios specializes in hosting world-class events that showcase our artists’ work in a way that engages and moves audiences. From small intimate viewings to large exhibitions, our team creates memorable events that cultivate long-term relationships and generate significant revenue.