The age-old question of what inner beauty really looks like? This story gives hope to us all! Give it a try. Be nice. Think of others first. Who knows, you might find it to be your best feature. And when the right person comes along they might discover something that they have been looking for all their life. That discovery is the moment I chose to highlight in my painting of “Beauty and the Beast Finding Love.” It’s hard to say when it happens. That moment, when you start to see someone for who they really are. But when you do, you will know for sure that you will never see them the same again.

The village experiences the Spring, while Beast, Belle, and company play in the cold winter snow with the castle standing out behind them in grand luster. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is featured in Eric Dowdle’s artwork and stratascape. Stratascapes are dimensional artworks individually cut from wood and assembled by hand.