Artist Notes

I was born and raised in Texas and so there will always be a place deep in my heart for my home state. In my latest work I have tried to capture some of my nostalgia for the image of “lone star” life and of the beauty of the Texas hill country that serves as the core to its experience. In the piece a cowboy returns home after a day on the range bringing in a stray calf that had wandered too far from his mother. A faithful dog runs alongside the horse and rider as a ranch hand waves his welcome. Moving toward the horizon, a breeze creaks through an old windmill as the glow of a Texas sized sunset is about to transition into a starlit night. This is my vison of the comforting rhythm of this simple hard-working lifestyle but I hope that it will move you to realize your own. Home is assuredly a place to visit but it also resides in us all, “Deep in the Heart”.

For those of you who enjoy the fun of discovery, I invite you to look very closely at this composition. In it you will find a “horn frog”, the official reptile of Texas, but also the mascot to the university where my father serves on faculty. In the sky above a lone dove flies, homage to a famous series of books and films of Texas life and the horse’s saddlebags bear the initials “JR”, another tribute, this time to a famous fictional Texan. Famous Texas brand designs, locally known critters and, of course, a fabled “longhorn” all can be seen on the canvas. Some of these details are hidden and some are more obvious to see but all there for the viewer to find. I hope you enjoy viewing “Deep in the Heart” as much as I enjoyed painting it. And, as always, I want to thank you all for sharing my adventure in art.

-Zac Kinkade


Deep in the Heart


Zac Kinkade


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