The focus of Simon Bull’s early work was the natural world, with an emphasis on landscapes, flowers, and pastoral scenes in detailed etchings and watercolors. In the early 1990’s, he began using bold colors and a more gestural painting style. This signaled a major turning point for Bull, who has since been characterized as a colorist. During this time, he developed a method of combining etching, aquatint, acrylics, pastel and gold leaf. With the advent of giclee printing, Simon Bull shifted his emphasis to works on canvas after the year 2000. He moved away from the bold floral imagery that had defined a decade of his creative life and experimented with new ideas – pouring, dripping and throwing paint onto canvas, using black backgrounds and startling colors.

His current work represents a distillation and simplification resulting from four decades of artistic development, expressing exuberance, pathos, purity, and joy. Simon Bull is the recipient of numerous national and international awards. He is recognized as one of the top artists in the world today.

Art Brand Studios is pleased to license the artwork of Simon Bull.