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Much like his highly acclaimed uncle, Thomas Kinkade – “The Painter of Light”, Zachary Thomas Kinkade started his career in art at a very early age and has since pursued his creative vision with whole-hearted passion. Over the years, Zachary has won local, regional, national and international recognition in a variety of art competitions, often times against competitors many years older than himself. Zachary attended Fort Worth Academy of Fine Art, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Fine Arts from Cornell University. Following in the footsteps of his uncle and mentor, Zachary is currently completing work at Art Center School of Design and is working with a number of established artists to continue to develop his own style and technique.

“High art” in pencil and paint should both evoke emotion in and tell a story to its viewers. Like writers and composers, the aesthetic expression of a painter is a narrative; one which takes the viewer on a journey; perhaps started by the hand of the artist but completed in the mind of those appreciating the effort.

Zachary’s beautiful depictions of everyday life, the envisioned worlds of popular culture and “Kinkade traditional” subjects provide a romantic sense of nostalgia, affinity, and adventure to his many collectors. As Thomas Kinkade had always envisioned, the torch has passed, the next generation will continue where he left off and a “New Light” has entered the world stage in visual art.

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Zac Kinkade Limited Edition Canvas Prints are available exclusively through Art Brand Studios Authorized Galleries.  If you would like more information on Zac Kinkade Art and Appearances, please call Art Brand Studios at 888-296-0611 or contact your local gallery.

Recent Releases

New Art Release: Get Your Kicks on Route 66

There is probably nothing more iconic in relation to American vacation plans than the idea of a “road trip”. And there is probably nothing more spiritually tied to that sojourner’s dream than Route 66, the “Main Street of America”.


Zac Kinkade’s “Generations” Tour & Signing

The successes of Zac’s Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and Noah’s Ark have laid the ground work for his budding career as an artist for Thomas Kinkade Studios. Collectors are encouraged to take advantage of this new event series and unique opportunity to meet Zac.