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Thomas Kinkade, the renown Painter of Light, was the most collected living artist of his time. While his skill with the paintbrush and his unique style was remarkable, he was known primarily for his dedication and singular-minded focus on the goal of Sharing the Light™. Thom’s dearest wish had always been that his artwork would be a messenger of hope and inspiration to others – a message to slow down, appreciate the little details in life, and to look for beauty in the world around us.

Throughout his lifetime his style ranged from French Impressionism to Modern American Luminism. He is known for his serene landscapes, frequently featuring cabins, mountain scenery, or religious symbols. He also painted an extremely popular line of Disney Art.

Thom passed away in April of 2012. His studio, comprised of artists that studied under him during the height of his success, continues to produce art in his style. Many of the paintings produced by his studio are inspired by sketches, ideas, or are the finished products of works that Thom had started. He is survived by his wife and four daughters who have continued to Share the Light through the Kinkade Family Foundation.

To read more about Thomas Kinkade, The Kinkade Family Foundation, learn about his painting styles, and explore more beautiful art please visit www.thomaskinkade.com

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