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Marjolein Bastin is a well-known wildlife painter from the Central Netherlands. Her love for nature is reflected in her detailed watercolor and the fascinating field notes that accompany many of her works. Bastin has been featured in a variety of products and publications across Europe and North America. Among her successes are a collection of children’s books, which she both wrote and illustrated, about Vera the Mouse.

Through her art and words, Marjolein offers people a simple reminder to pause and enjoy nature and allow it to be a source of serenity, energy, and healing. Finding inspiration in a bird lighting on a branch or a leaf drying in the autumn sun, Marjolein takes long walks each afternoon to seek new ideas for her artwork and her writings. Brush in hand, she brings her special relationship with the world full circle: Nature captivates her, and she captures it to share with others.

Marjolein and her husband Gaston divide their time between country homes in Holland, Switzerland, and Missouri, as well as a tropical retreat in the Cayman Islands. Each setting provides a unique glimpse of what nature has to offer throughout the world. The couple has a son, Mischa, a daughter, Sanna, and two grandchildren.

To learn more about Marjolein Bastin, Vera the Mouse, and explore her artwork please visit www.marjoleinbastin.com


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"It was the first time I had ever experienced the prairie in full bloom and the experience was quite overwhelming. All those flowers! While I was familiar with the Purple Coneflower and the Black-Eyed Susan from our nursery back home in the Netherlands, I had never seen them bloom in the wild."